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Taking Ems Even Further

Ian Yates | November 8th, 2015

Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset

Jacob Gube | November 8th, 2015

A Web Designer's Typographic Boilerplate

Ian Yates | November 8th, 2015

I like to use a typography.css in my projects; a separate file which houses all the basic structural typographic styles I'll need. A lot of what's found within it is obvious stuff (heading sizes, for example) but it also contains less obvious things which I don't want to forget. Let's work our way through the check-list.. A Separate CSS File Splitting up your CSS files is a sensible workflow when

The Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap Grid Works

Erik Flowers | November 8th, 2015

Things like CSS grids should remain behind the curtain. No one really needs to know how it works, or why. Until you have a broken design or something complex and you can't figure out why your spacing, margins, paddings etc. are all messed up. It can be a real pain, especially when you are generating content dynamically in some sort of interface that changes and shifts. I've seen a number of

Code Standards: Markup

John Stray | July 20th, 2015

The first component of any web page is the tag-based mark-up language of HTML. The Hyper Text Markup Language has a sordid history but has come into its own in the last few years. After a lengthy experimentation with the XML-based XHTML variant, the industry has accepted that HTML is the future of the web. Mark-up defines the structure and outline of a document and offers a structured content.

GetSimple CMS with Microsoft IIS

John Stray | November 10th, 2014

Introduction Running GetSimple CMS on Microsoft IIS based hosting may not be supported by the developers of the system, but it is possible with not too much work. Microsoft IIS doesn't support .htaccess files, so we will need to convert our .htaccess files to a format that Microsoft IIS does understand, web.config. The only problem is, Microsoft IIS will only convert URL rewriting sections of

GetSimple Blog v3.3.0 Released!

John Stray | September 12th, 2014

A simple and easy to use, yet powerful blog for GetSimple. With this plugin, you can create blog posts, sort posts by category, view posts in monthly archives, plus much more. I welcome any and all suggestions for future improvements, and if you find any bugs, then please let me know. This version of GetSimple Blog is a fork of the original GS Blog 1.5 plugin by @mikeh and is now being actively