GetSimple Blog v3.3.0 Released!

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GetSimple Blog v3.3.0 Released!

John Stray
September 12th, 2014

A simple and easy to use, yet powerful blog for GetSimple. With this plugin, you can create blog posts, sort posts by category, view posts in monthly archives, plus much more. I welcome any and all suggestions for future improvements, and if you find any bugs, then please let me know.

This version of GetSimple Blog is a fork of the original GS Blog 1.5 plugin by @mikeh and is now being actively developed and maintained by me. As many issues as I could find in the original version have been fixed now, plus a lot of functionality has been added with plenty more additions still to come.

Translators are always welcome. If you speak a language that is not in the following list, then please feel free to contact the developers and become a translator today. I'd very much like to have this plugin translated to as many languages as possible.

What's New in version 3.3.0?

Back End (Admin) UI Improvements:

  • [#003] Implemented selectable layout templates system
    • Re-wrote show_settings_admin() function from scratch.
    • Removed settings that are no longer needed. Most tasks can now be completed by creating/modifying template file.
    • Created function blog_theme_layouts() which gets the list of available theme files.
  • [#022] Added pluginManagementFA.js script : Adds icon to plugin's listing on the Plugin Management admin tab.
  • [#021] Updated FontAwesome version to 4.2.0 and changed $media from 'screen' to 'print'.
  • [#023] Updated website address in plugin registration

Font End UI Improvements:

  • [#003] Implemented selectable layout templates system
    • Re-wrote show_blog_post() function from scratch. Old: 131 lines, New: 31 lines.
    • Created 1 layout: Original. More will be available in future bugfix releases.
  • [#003] Modified original layout to add scoped CSS functionality (New in HTML 5.1) : Backwards compatible with most current browsers.
  • [#008] Fixed "Go Back" links in posts (sort of). The link is now in the template file. You can change it as needed, or remove it if you like.

Bug Fixes:

  • [#014] Fixed undefined variable in manage_custom_fields.php

Code Changes:

  • [#018] Removed social media functions. If you need this, add your own code to a template file.
  • [#017] Cleaned up functions and comments in adminFunctions.php
  • [#020] Cleaned up functions and comments in frontEndFunctions.php
  • [#019] Moved some HTML sections of the code to separate files in 'html' folder to make for much easier reading and modification of code.
  • [#028] Cleaned up functions and comments in common.php
  • [#027] Removed redundant CodeMirror files.
  • [#020] Moved RSS Auto-Importer functions into it's own file.

Updated Languages:

  • [#016] Added new strings to English en_US language file.
  • [#026] Added new strings to Russian ru_RU language file.
  • [#025] Added new strings to Italian it_IT language file.
  • [#024] Added new strings to Spanish es_ES language file.
  • [#041] New Polish pl_PL language file added.